pulseCHECKER :: What to expect?

Results are guaranteed… one of two outcomes are always guaranteed. Something or nothing. Really. Some people may cringe but, a healthy customer acquisition strategy requires experimentation to find optimization opportunities. I’ve learned deep truths through nothing happening. Failure can lead to substantial gains in performance. Fail fast, learn fast, continue to rapidly build, measure, and learn.

But let’s take a step back. Before embarking on making any changes to your business funnel stop to confirm your data integrity through validating mission critical key performance indicators (KPIs). At a minimum, confirm your Google Analytics configuration , goals, and revenue by paid and non-paid channels.

Channel performance is broken down into two main categories with examples of each channel and one of their core KPIs.

  1. PAID (Google) :: KPI :: Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

  2. NON-PAID (Email) :: Average Revenue Per Email Sent (ARPES)

Beginning to focus your dashboarding strategy in this manner will highlight the revenue behavior of those two main categories but also key differences in top, middle, and button of funnel behavior .

Remember, continual process improvement is a journey not a destination. Get the process embedded in your team culture and start every meeting with a dashboard. Results are guaranteed.

Until next time.